a rich history

There's something special about this place.

Ruskin was founded in 1908 as a Utopian colony–a way to get back to the land. Together the fledgling society cleared the land and their crops flourished in the nutrient rich shell marl soil fed by natural aquifers. The prosperous community expanded and to the east large cypress crowns were logged and milled, clearing the way for farms and ranches to follow. One 12,000 acre Cypress Creek cattle ranch eventually became Sun City Center. 

Cowboys rounded up and drove cattle across expansive ranches and open range sawgrass to market on Florida Cracker Horses descended from Spanish Explorer's Iberian mounts and the Chickasaw Pony. You can almost imagine a rider finding this oasis and pausing under a welcome shade tree. And then watering his horse from a nearby still pond reflecting the sky as the cattle calmly graze. 

We're building a home for you and a community that's in harmony with the lush nature around it. There is a genuine connection to Florida's rich history to be found here. It is a place to live your story. A place to be part of. Linger under swaying branches as the day's dappled light dances across you and feel in the moment—this is Shadetree.